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Heavy Duty Model 1473: Roma Mobility's Self Propelled Wheelchair with Detachable Arms and Swing Away Footrests. Puncture Proof Tyred rear wheels and solid front wheels, adds to ruggedness and low-maintenance ability of this model. 226kg Safe Patient Working Load, and 22" Seat would comfortably accommodate obese patients.

This neat and clean ward rounds trolley has a roller shutter door opening from left to right, with a key lock. Securely stores up to 16 small or 12 large Lever Arch Files, in accordance with the Information Protection Act. Large ABS prep and work surface still allows the trolley to remain multifunctional for other procedures in the ward. Available with a variety of accessories.

Flexline Emergency Resuscitation Cart. This economical trolley is the perfect solution for General Wards where all emergency resuscitation equipment and medication can be stored. Includes Defibrillator Tray, Oxygen Tank Holder, CPR Backboard and IV Pole.

Essential Life Saving Equipment. European made quality and reliability when you need it most. Easy and intuitive operation thanks to clear language instructions.  Frequency specifications throughout the entire application process.  Genuine one-touch operation.  Once the device has been cleared for use, defibrillation is triggered by pressing the release button.