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Weinmann's Unique LIFE-BASE 1 NG XS is the ideal solution wherever compact and handy ventilators or defibrillation/monitoring systems are required. The portable system is perfect for professional air and ground emergency medical services and the use of oxygen cases, separate cylinders or a central gas supply system. LIFE-BASE 1 NG XS is impressively small with a width of just 22 cm and a weight of only one kilogram. German Made quality when you need it most.

Improved clinical outcomes through digital measurement of air, fluid and pressure. The next generation digital chest drainage system Thopaz+ allows healthcare professionals to make accurate decisions that help improve outcomes by reducing patient length of stay and controlling hospital costs1,2. Thopaz+ is designed to precisely monitor post-operative air leaks and intrapleural pressure while directly measuring fluid drainage.

Emergency Stair Chair from Royax is an essential evacuation tool for any premises with stairs - no elevators can be used in the event of an emergency, so the emergency evacuation chair allows safe transportation of injured staff, patients or invalids on staircases, in lifts or in corridors or any other place where horizontal transportation is not possible

The corpuls3 is a Monitor, with integrated Defibrillator and Pacer system that offers improved patient care options. It provides exceptional data analysis and transmission, and more detailed and accurate feedback on the quality of patient care provided. Weighing just 6.3kg it allows for easier carrying and improved staff safety incorporating key monitoring parameters for first line care.